My New Australian Life (est. 2003) is an Australian service provider delivering integrated, employment and settlement solutions.

Its sister company My New Australian Life Legal P/L is an integrated law practice which provides exclusively Australian migration law and visa advice. Company Directors Mr Carmine Mercorella and Simon Mander have provided ethical and trustworthy Australian immigration law advice since 2003.

Since starting business in 2003, we have listened to feedback of thousands of individuals and families that we assisted through the visa process and a new life in Australia. Our clients overwhelmingly told us that a visa was important. However clients also said that they would value settlement assistance in Australia, introduction to how to start an Australian life, and if possible assistance with employment.

We listened to our clients, and after many, many hours of consultation, development and liaison with local employers and recruiters the Migration+ Program was born. This program and its three streams assist to streamline the entire migration process; from visa application, to successful employment, to settlement and an easier new life in Australia.

The services of our businesses are designed to ensure a smooth transition, releasing you from the worries of working in and migrating to a new country. Knowing there is a well paid, full time job waiting for you in Australia provides you with the security and peace of mind you need to succeed and take the first step towards your prosperous new Australian life.